Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wow, it's October already!

When it's still 90 degrees outside, sometimes I forget what time of year it is and suddenly remember when I see the Halloween decorations up or some other reminder of the season.  I think this croton with its golds and rusts is as close to the beautiful fall colors as we're going to get down here.  Although that really isn't true and we do have changes, they're just more subtle and maybe not as noticeable as up north.

I never really noticed that this croton had flowers until I started taking photos of the yard more closely. These little flowers are kind of cool and remind me a bit of a sea creature.

This creature is the red rat snake and I was surprised to find him looking in at me through the breakfast nook window one morning.  I looked up expecting to see Chirpy the cardinal and here was this guy.  He was quite comfortable hanging in one of the overgrown bushes on the side of the house.

He was there a long time, so I went out to get a better shot.  This is probably the nicest snake we have in the yard.  He's calm and just takes his time moving around.  Doesn't react and get freaked out when I walk by.  You remember that kid that had to have a pet snake that you knew at some point in your life - well, this is probably the snake the pet store sold him because it's just a real nice guy.  And he really does like to eat rodents, so he's great to have around.  Also known as the corn snake.

Elsewhere in the garden, the Plumbago is thriving nicely.  I had planted five around one of the palms earlier this year.  Three are doing great, one is hanging on and the other didn't make it.  I'm planning on putting the hanger-on in a pot and seeing if it'll do better there.  I think the two don't get enough sun and get flooded by the downspout during the rainy season and it just isn't a good spot for them.  Too bad as I would've liked to see the palm surrounded by these beauties.

I really love the blue color and the cottage look of the flowers.  They are a little sticky though...

The only other blue I've had in this garden is the Blue Daze which I usually pot up and keep on the lanai.  I'm on a quest to find other blues to plant this year!

I know I'm always talking about the Magnolia, but it truly is the most lovely fragrance in my garden and it's going strong and blooming like crazy.

And I'm always happy to find a Passion flower bloom.  I haven't had a bloom in awhile and was surprised to see this the other day.  I still think the deer eat the buds, but of course I have no proof.  Maybe once I get the night cam I'll know!  

Oh, yeah - the Painted Buntings have arrived!!!  I took this on October 3rd.  It's a crap shot, but these birds are some of the most skittish I've had visit the yard.  He really stayed under the bushes and quick flitted in and out.  Last year it took them awhile to feel comfortable coming further into the yard.  Maybe it's my presence, I'm not sure, but I'm hoping they will relax and get used to me like they did before.

And don't worry, Mr. Red Rat Snake didn't bother Chirpy one bit.  Chirps still came to the window that day and every other day (sometimes up to four times!) to chirp for seed and it still amazes me every time he does!