Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We're on the Move

I'm sorry about being away for awhile.  We've been talking about downsizing for a few years now and finally the decision has been made to sell.

I'm not upset to leave the house, but I am upset to leave the yard and location.

Living against the preserve has been so beautiful and I've absolutely loved every visitor to my garden that has come out of it.

I'm not sure yet where we're moving to or how much space I'll have to garden, but I'll certainly try to work with what I've got.

We do plan to stay in southwest Florida - and I hope we can find a place near the woods.

So, I've been busy inside the house, sorting, throwing, organizing - all the stuff that has to be done to get ready to move.  Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my garden and it shows.

Things are starting to look extra wild and overgrown.

But then, I've always had a raffish sort of garden...it fits my hippie/boho style.

We've also been dealing with a few other things as well.  My husband hasn't been working for almost a year now and is disabled.  This is pretty much what prompted us to decide to get a smaller place.

Then my lovely young doctor referred to me as elderly this week.  Well, that wigged me out - I'm 53 years old.  My profile photo is from when I was 50.  I honestly didn't think of myself as a senior citizen quite yet!

Well, this is now how I feel, hahaha!  I have turned to my art journal to work out my feelings about entering the crone phase of life. 

But you do not want to hear any more about that, so I'll return to the garden.  I will be sad to leave my beautiful Plumeria behind.  This view is taken from underneath as she's so tall now I can't get a good shot of the blooms.  She was just a stick three years ago...

She has graciously allowed me to take a branch or two to begin a new plant for our new place.

Today the Carolina Wrens were all over the backyard.  They wheezed and whistled and chirped and flitted.  There was at least four of them.  

They were so busy, it was hard for me to get a decent shot of them.

Here's an old photo that's slightly better, but not much.  They are the cutest little birds and so sweet as they bobble along and sing so prettily.

This female Cardinal was an easier target to capture.

Oh, Mr. Squirrel - I can tell where you've been!!!

Well, anyway - I've been battling with myself trying to figure out if I should continue to blog or not.  Not knowing what kind of yard or garden I will or won't have.  I'm not quite sure what to do.  I'd hate to bore anyone too much :)

I'm thinking maybe I could morph it into a Florida outdoor and wildlife sort of blog.  

Including lots of flowers of course, but also more of the creatures that are found here in the "swamp".  More about our ecosystem and the native plants and trees.  Maybe kind of an educational sort of blog.

Or maybe I could go out and interview the neighbors and see what's growing in their gardens.  A bit of a roving garden blogger.  Hmmmm - I'm still working on it.  Just thinking out loud here.

Or maybe I'll just head to the beach and share something that's away from the jungle for a change.  We'll see.  I really do like the jungle though.

 Well, I hope you've been enjoying the summer (winter, down under).  I hope we'll be getting settled soon and I look forward to getting back to reading your blogs on a regular basis and enjoying your comments!   Happy July and Peace to all.