Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

After the Storm

Well, we pretty much took a direct hit.  

Obliterated the fence.  Although it was rather flimsy, so I'm not surprised.

Snapped the pine trees right off.  

I could smell the intense scent of pine there was so much breakage in the area.  It's now faded.

It stripped the pines of their needles and branches.

And now the woods seem battered and naked.

I had a favorite tree behind the mailbox.

He's not looking so good now, poor guy.

Happy to report my other fave made it okay though.

I really do like all the trees, but the above two I just mentioned happen to call to me a little louder than the rest :)

I've got absolutely nothing left blooming except this rogue Jatropha volunteer.  The three big Jatrophas on the side of the house are so tortured looking, I couldn't even take a photo of them.  They're going to need a lot of love...along with everything else.

We were extremely lucky.  We made it through okay.  And the house was hardly touched.  Local damage is pretty severe.  We didn't have power for a week afterwards.  I'm still dehydrated even though we had plenty of water.  We do have a small generator, but we didn't have gas to run it until three days afterwards and when we did get it going a fan just didn't make it in the 94 degree weather.  This is our third hurricane and we thought we were prepared.  Ha!  Irma was a bad, bad thing.

I'm very happy to find that all of my regular bird and squirrel families that visit are accounted for and seem to be in good health!   Be well!  ☮

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Few Blog Changes

I picked this cute little dwarf zinnia bouquet from my garden this morning.  And thought this rose mug that I found at the thrift store made a pretty vase.

  I'm also trying to give my blog a bit of a facelift.  The previous black background was rather severe...so I might be trying different colors from time to time.  I think I'm liking the green, being a garden blog and all :)

Welcome to July everybody - wow, that was fast!   ☼☮☼

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's the Rainy Season

Hello everybody!  Well, not much is going on here in the garden.  What's new, haha!  I've been repotting a few things that were pot bound like this little oncidium.

Some of my herbs are doing well in the rainy season, like this beautiful chives plant.

And I've had several basil harvests.

Which of course turned into pesto - yay!

Speaking of food, I dried some corn for the birds and squirrels.  It isn't as pretty as the kind that you get from the store, but it's a lot cheaper and it wasn't hard to do.  Just search drying corn for squirrels online and it will come up.

I've been meaning to add an Instagram button on the sidebar to connect to my IG account @swflgardener, but just haven't got around to it.

If you're on IG, I'd love to hear from you and I'd love for you to follow along.

If you don't have an Instagram account, you can search my name (Lynn McIntosh) and swflgardener online and these pages will come up that I've posted here, plus a bunch more.

Not that I'm doing anything exciting over there, but I do tend to post there every day.

I'm also on Twitter, but haven't been posting much this year.  Same with Facebook.  I just thought I'd mention the IG account where I post much more frequently.

I've never planted dwarf zinnias before.  I thought they'd be as small as the package said.  Nope!  Oh, well, they're getting ready to bloom and be pretty, so I've no complaints.  Be Happy!  Peace all ☮✌💚

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another New Friend Visits

Oh, what a handsome Devil!  I'm so very excited to have this Big Cypress Fox Squirrel visit the yard!  I'm still jumping up and down with glee.

I've never seen one before and I'm so happy to get a few photos.  The Big Cypress Fox Squirrel is only found in southwestern Florida - Hendry, Lee, Collier and northern Monroe counties, and maybe a part of Miami-Dade county.  And it's protected as a threatened species.  (There are other fox squirrel subspecies in Florida, the Sherman's Fox Squirrel and the Carolina Fox Squirrel)

I think his coloring is beautiful.  Love the white ears, nose and "hands".

Uh oh, he's on to me...

Just look at how big he is.  He's HU-GE!

(And yes, I know this birdfeeder is in a bad place, next to a tree *sigh* and we also lost the baffle.  Not that it'd do any good when they can just hop on over from the tree, haha!)

And just let me point out that tail ↑

It's spectacular!

Fun Facts:  They can be up to 27" in length and weigh up to three pounds.  Breeding season is coming up again, so I'm hoping he'll stick around and bring his mate.  

Regular Squirrely, he's so cute.  He says "Hey lady - I faithfully visit every day" and I say "Thank you, my friend - I love you too" 💖💖💖

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Visitors!

Oh, I love it when I get animal visitors to the yard!  This Gopher Tortoise is an especially welcome friend.  Now, I didn't flip it over to see if it was a him or a her, so I'll just call this one a "him".  

He didn't really move much, so I only photographed the one pose, but here he is a little bit closer.  If you ever come across one of these, please don't try to put it toward water.  These are land tortoises and they live in the scrubby, dry areas like the pine flatwoods.  Anyway, they rarely drink water, getting their water needs from plants.  I sometimes see them on the road somewhere and I do try to put them on the other side of the road in the direction they were heading.  And with the crazy traffic in south Florida, that is a considerable feat!  So, please - you, know - be careful out there!  

This is a shot of the Gopher Tortoise that visited my yard where we used to live.  He was eating lunch, but looked like he stuck his tongue out at me! 

While I was getting the Tortoise pics out of my reptile file, I came across this sweet little anole and just thought I'd add it here, since this is a short post.  He was so itty, bitty hopping through the grass.  I love his "smile"!  And while I'm not happy that he's one of the invasive brown ones, I still have to smile at his expression.

Found this cute little ladybug visitor on one of the red salvias.  I always welcome these beneficial friends to the yard.

 I hope you're out enjoying this glorious spring weather!  

Love, Light and Peace ☮

Friday, April 14, 2017

Just Like the White Winged Dove

You know I've got that Stevie Nicks song in my head!  We've been seeing this lone white winged dove in the backyard lately.  Every time I see it - BAM - Stevie pops in.  Luckily, I happen to like that song.  Here's the first verse, so you can sing along too:

     Just like the white winged dove
     Sings a song
     Sounds like she's singing
     Ooo, ooo, ooo
     Just like the white winged dove
     Sings a song
     Sounds like she's singing
     Ooo, baby, ooo said ooo

Heheheh, sorry about that.  This guy - what a goof!  

This phal is in the process of opening.  Yay!

Sweet little red vinca.  Can you tell I don't have a lot going on in the garden...

Well, I hope you didn't miss the full moon a couple of nights ago.  It was spectacular!  No worries though, you can catch next months full moon on May 10th.  And it's the Flower moon!  See you there!

Friday, March 31, 2017

A New Visitor

Last month, this big pigeon landed out by the garage.  He was absolutely HUGE - well, at least I thought he was.  I don't think I've ever seen a pigeon in Florida and certainly not close up.  

Anyway, I didn't notice until I looked at the photos today, that he had a leg band.  The first three letters are FMI, so I looked it up and apparently he belongs to a member of the American Racing Pigeon Union, Fort Myers chapter.  Huh?  People still race pigeons?  I mean, there's just a club for everything - ha!  

He appeared to be in good health.  He was back the next day and then I didn't see him again.  I looked in the woods to see if maybe he was wandering around and couldn't fly, but luckily, he had left. He really did have pretty slate blue colors.

When I was out in the woods, I came to this clearing.  I haven't seen this before, but it certainly looks deliberate.

Ooooh - a circle!  I'm imagining a bonfire, dancers swaying around, magic in the air!  Yup, my mind starts running away, haha.  But, it was a curious find.  It doesn't look like it's been disturbed for quite awhile.  And, I do love a mystery!

This is such a BAD photo, but as I was standing there this eagle very silently flew out of the woods.  I hadn't seen him there and I always try to move quietly so not to alarm any wildlife.  I must have disturbed him.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this guy take off.  Unfortunately, I didn't get very good pics.

Here's an older photo of an eagle I took, just because I'm so embarrassed of the previous shot.  They truly are magnificent birds!

Our entire neighborhood has been permeated with the intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms for the last couple of months.  It comes on in the evening and it's especially glorious if it's a little humid.

My peace lily had become infested and I wasn't sure if she was going to come around, but hurray - she did!  She now has three blooms and I put her in a new location out front where I think she has better conditions.  

So, I've been away from blogging for awhile.  Have I been to the Funny Farm, you ask?  Well, if my art studio is the F. F., then, yes - that's where I've been.  I've been making some little 6 x 6 canvases with garden themes.  (Which is the only reason I'm bringing it up here on this garden blog - just this one time - probably)  Anyway, they're going up in my rather neglected Etsy shop BackyardJungleArt to give it a little spark of life.  (The copyright is only on the photos, not on the paintings.)  The gallery edges are painted, so they're ready to hang right out of the box.  

I have a grey-haired gardener series going, some with an earthy vibe which I kind of belong to.

And some with a more traditional, English style garden look.

And then there's some that aren't grey-haired, like this young chicky-boom in the greenhouse.  Can you tell I'm feeling my 50 years!  :)

And then there's some that you just can't tell how old they are...wow, I'm really not that obsessed with age.  I guess I'm just saying that there's different age gardeners in all of my gardening series.  

So, I'll be returning to regular gardening blog topics next time.  I have an art blog where I update current projects at Backyard Jungle Art

I hope you're all out there doing something that you love to do!

Peace All