Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Getting Back to Blogging

Hello everybody!  It's been a while since I've blogged.  And I'm sorry about that...I've no great excuse, just wasn't feeling much like it.  But, we've had some fun things going on in the yard this year, so I'll catch you up. Because I know how you've been waiting, hahahahaha!

So, earlier this year we had the wonderful surprise of having a Great Crested Flycatcher family nest near our lanai.  Isn't she just about the cutest little nest builder?!  

They were not frightened of us in any way.  They were busy all day long bringing all sorts of things to build their nest.  Even a snake skin - which I've learned is a very common thing for them to add.

The male and the female look alike, so it was hard to know which one was at the nest.  I've since read that it's mostly the female that is the nest builder.  Figures, haha!

I missed the kids leaving the nest, but they stay with the parents for a couple of weeks afterward and I was able to capture this photo.  It's one of two that I saw with the parents.  Next year I've gotta get a camera set up so I don't miss the fledglings taking off!  (I'm hoping they'll return)

We had the return of Foxy our Big Cypress Fox Squirrel.  They're a threatened species and I'm so happy to see him again.  We had seen him last, about the same time last year (April).

Then a month or so later we had another Big Cypress Fox Squirrel visit.  This one is female and we've named her Goldie.  You can guess that we're hoping there'll be miniature Fox Squirrels next!

Well, I haven't seen babies, but we did see Foxy the male back in the yard recently.  Looks like he's molting.  I'll keep you posted.

We had the great honor of being visited by the Red Headed Woodpecker!  So exciting!  I've only seen one here in southwest Florida once before.

We saw him several days in a row, then haven't seen him since.  So darn handsome!

I haven't seen many Butterflies this year.  I usually see tons!

This Black Swallowtail laid lots of eggs on the parsley plant.  But those little anoles sure gobble them up fast.  I did bring a few eggs inside hoping to hatch them, but that didn't work out.  Well, we keep on trying!

It's so hot here that not much is blooming. This cheery Black Eyed Susan vine is new for me to grow from seed.  It's cascading down the outdoor shelves, but it really needs a trellis and a bigger pot!

When we moved, I found two leftover seeds a gardening friend had sent me (thanks e!)  They were now almost 4 years old, but they both sprouted and have just started to bloom!  Hurray!  They're the most gorgeous blue in a flower that I've seen.  

I'm trying to get the Moonflower vine to climb this tree snag.  It's coming along.  This is the first flower I've added to what I hope to be the moon garden this fall :)

Well, I don't want to overwhelm you with too many pics.  I hope you're gearing up for autumn.  We certainly don't feel like fall, but I changed my meditation station up to reflect a bit of thanks for the small vegetable and flower harvests I've been gathering.  Peace all ☮🙏😊


daisy g said...

So good to see your post this morning. I do miss you when you're gone, but understand that life happens.

So many wonderful things going on there. Most folks up here think of morning glories as weeds Imagine!
I didn't have much luck with my moon flowers this year. A moon garden sounds quite intriguing!

It was lovely to read again about your goings-on. Enjoy your weekend, Lynn!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wonderful to see this post from you! Several FL gardeners are no longer blogging and that is sad. This was a great post from you filled with fantastic photos of the lovely critters and blooms that you have in your gardens. Thanks for sharing and I hope you will continue to blog in the future.


eli said...

Well look who's back?!? It's that lady who takes amazing photos (among other redeeming qualities!!). LOL

I find it funny how you mention the Great Crested Flycatchers weren't the least bit frightened of you. I can't get within 30 feet of one before they fly off. Little boogers! Maybe I look like a big ole' hawk!

You know, I think it may be our love of nature that always brings us back to blogging. It's like this incredible urge to share the beauty with someone - anyone. At least, that's my experience. And I certainly appreciate you sharing your beauty with us.

We are gearing up for a wedding this autumn ~ lots of meditating needed here!!!

Welcome home, Lynn. Now ~ keep the posts coming. :-)

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, Glad to see you're posting again. You've got some wonderful wildlife Visiting your garden. The flycatchers are do cute and that woodpecker is extremely handsome. I'm looking forward to October because I have lots of work to do in my garden. Hope you're having a good summer.