Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wildflowers or Weeds?

Maybe you've noticed these tiny blue flowers scattered around in your lawn here in Florida.  I suspect most people would consider them a weed, and they can invade the lawn quite easily.  I've been doing some research and I think they are called Commelina communis or Asiatic Dayflower.  Now as you've probably guessed I'm not an authority on anything much, so please consider that I've gotten the name wrong as there are many that are similar and it can be confusing.  But to the best of my ability and several FL wildflower databases, this is what I think it is.  (Same goes for any of the following wildflowers)

I do, however, think it is a gorgeous shade of blue and upon closer inspection - I'm quite enchanted with all the details.  Things I probably would never have noticed until I took up trying to learn photography.

Another rinky-dinky little wildflower I've been seeing in the yard is the Richardia grandiflora or Largeflower Pusley or probably more easily remembered - Mexican Clover.  These can be quite abundant and cover a large area of the lawn, which I'm sure lots would consider a pest.  From afar, this can almost look like a covering of snow on the grass.

 Maybe you've seen the Climbing Aster wildflower around.  When there's a big clump of them, they really make a nice showing.  I've had these in the yard back by the preserve behind the house.

I also have these very pretty, delicate pink wildflowers at the edge of the yard.  I haven't been able to find out the name of them.  I feel confident though, that I'll find it when I dig a little harder on-line.

I think I've posted this photo before, but it seems to be the only shot I have of the Bidens pilosa wildflower or more commonly known as Shepherd's Needles.  I think I see this wildflower the most often and it also lives at the edge of my yard.

This pretty red bloom is the Emilia fosbergii or Florida Tasselflower.  I love how showy this wildflower is and obviously so do the butterflies!

Well, this beauty isn't a wildflower, but it does grow wild.  There's several living next to my yard and unfortunately causing me some asthmatic distress.  This is Baccharis halimifolia or the common name is Saltbush.  Apparently, there's a ton of common names - I just call it nemesis, lol!

I suppose I should talk more specifically about my garden - this being a garden blog, Haha!  I am very pleased that the Plumeria is set to bloom again!

Two other branches have little buds starting to form, so they'll be blooming after this is done.  Very exciting!  I didn't take any photos of the little buds, they were just nubbins, so not much of a photo opp.

Here's a pic from when it was blooming earlier this year.  Gosh, it smells so great too!

The peach Hibiscus is blooming most profusely lately.  I'm kind of surprised, because it's tucked away in a dark area on the east side of the house.

But I won't ponder on that too long, I just thank the universe for producing such a lovely flower to enjoy!


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just beautiful Lynn ♥

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Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for having a look and for your very nice comment! <3