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Sunday, February 15, 2015

More Butterflies Please

Some days I can't get a decent butterfly shot no matter how hard I try.  And maybe that's just it, I'm trying too hard.  Either that or I'm not in "the zone".   That's usually the only things hindering a shot, but this winter I've had a hard time getting a photo because there just doesn't seem to be many butterflies around.

I've been seeing a few of the Zebra Longwings around lately, but not very many.

And I see a Gulf Fritillary once in awhile.

Here's a funky close-up shot I took.  I'm not really sure what I was going for with this...

Or with this, HA!

And sometimes I see something a little unusual for my backyard, like this Buckeye.

And lots of times I see different kinds of moths, of which I know little about - but I'm starting to learn!  

Well, I think it's about time to get to the point of this post.  Which is my attempt at a Butterfly Feeder in the backyard.  I'm new to this and I'm sure I've got some rearranging to do, like maybe getting a bigger plate and maybe putting it on a stake instead of hanging it from the Plumeria.  I'd hate for the butterflies to get caught up in the string or something. 

I have the plate surrounded by the orange/red lantana.  Which is a butterfly magnet.  Butterflies love red, yellow and orange.  Pink and purple too!

And I've a yellow milkweed and also a red milkweed growing below where the plate is hanging.

This is the red milkweed complete with Assassin Bugs, which are friends that help take out the aphids.  So, I feel this is a good start for a location to feed the butterflies.  I might get a red plate, that would be even more attraction.  And then to figure out a popular "recipe" to feed them is next.

I don't have any unpeeled banana photos, so I'll just post this closeup of the orangey/red lantana.  I do have my extremely ripe bananas in the freezer, waiting to bring out and serve up with a little touch of molasses and I think I read something about soy sauce.  I'll have to check that to be sure.  Apparently, butterflies like gooey, ripe fruit and sticky sweetness.  

I think I'll be waiting until after our very unusual cold snap that we're forecasted to get later this week.  It says lows in the 30's, which is CRAZY cold and of course means covering up plants and bringing in the orchids. (Ugh!)  BTW, this is a White Peacock and the poor thing is tattered.  

I think I'll probably just wait until March to get started feeding the butterflies, since then it should be quite warm again and hopefully will help bring our fluttering friends back to the yard!   I'll let you know if I have any success!  Oh, and if you have any helpful suggestions, please let me know, thanks!  

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