Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm Cringing, I'm Cringing!

Good morning Zebra Longwing!  This beauty is just one of many creatures that enjoy the glorious lush blooms of the flowers in the yard.

The reason I'm cringing, is because to get this lush growth, I have to cut back some of my plants and well, it just about does me in, Haha!  

Which probably reveals that I am not a very seasoned gardener in that you'd think I'd get over that feeling after a few times of cutting back things around the yard.

But, no, it still bothers me to see that raw cut, those stark branches looking back at me - I know, it's for the plants own good.  I know it will come back bigger, stronger, better...but still, it hurts.

I, of course, absolutely LOVE it when the plant has regenerated, and all the backyard friends come to visit.

This guy was huge!  I think it's a carpenter bee, but I'm not sure and will be looking that up.  I'm also not sure if he's a beneficial sort of bee to have around, but I still think he's cute.  

Speaking of cute, look how adorable this little warbler is!  It's not a very sharp shot, but this little sweetie just begs to be painted or drawn or something.  He was all puffed up against the cold we had a few weeks ago.

Another contender for most adorable in the backyard is this little, tiny blue-grey gnatcatcher.  They're around 4 1/2 inches long and they dart around faster than a bullet.  I feel very lucky I caught a semi-clear shot.  

Yes, that's correct - this is a rat.  But isn't he charming?!  I think he belongs in a Beatrix Potter illustration.  This Cotton rat lives in the preserve that our yard backs up to and he has a little family and they're all as cute as he is.  IMHO, of course! 

And on to more cuteness that is probably a little more acceptable to most.  Although, I know people that think squirrels are just bigger rodents!   Well, I guess that technically they are (being in the Sciuridae family), but well, I think they are more highly regarded than the smaller rodents...mostly...probably...

Wow, I certainly got off track once again.  Back to the cutting and the trimming,  I dug up these two dwarf Gardenias and put them in containers since they weren't getting enough sun where they were.  

They were looking quite straggly and needed to be cut back and I honestly didn't give them a lot of hope at first.

But I'm happy that both plants have just put out new buds and I can't wait!

They are smaller blooms than my regular Gardenia, but they pack a beautiful fragrance.  I've got them next to the front door to enjoy every time I walk the dogs or get the mail, you get the idea! 

A couple of posts ago, I had mentioned that I had to cut my Bleeding Heart vine clear back to nothing, but that it had shot back up right away.

I'm happy to report that it now has some buds on it and I'm overjoyed as it hasn't bloomed for ages!

Well, I could go on and on about plants that I've cut back and they're now getting ready to bloom, but I'm quite sure that would get tiresome.  

So, I'll just switch it on over to how excited I am that the second bloom spike in my basket of orchids is now blooming.  

It's a darker purple than the other orchid that is still blooming.  I think they make a nice pair!  


Janice Day said...

Hi Lynn - well we have been trimming madly as we had no choice - so much growth spurt. Like you it is not something I like to do either, especially when everyone says "what did you do to your garden" which just about sends me into a meltdown. Lovely photos as usual.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Janice! I just got done cutting back the seagrape this morning. I've run out of bins, so will have to wait until they pickup to do more! I know how it is to have the warm weather growth spurt - always work to do! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I need to get better at pruning plants so that I'll have more blooms.

You take some lovely photographs.

Happy Florida Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Lynn McIntosh said...

Aw, thank you very kindly Lorraine!!! I am a beginning photographer - and I'm surprised how much I like doing it! It's always hard to trim back plants, especially when they're looking good - lol, and I don't always do it and then whoa - it's all leggy and no blooms.