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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Mango Time!!!

If you're a south Floridian, you can just feel it in the air!  That build-up, that anticipation - as if waiting for a big party - it's that good!  Yes, it's that time of year.  It's Mango Time!!!!   (doing a little dance)

And that means Mango smoothies

And homemade Mango ice cream

Even Mango margaritas!

Unfortunately, we don't have a mango tree in our yard.  But the neighbors do!  And I've got my eye on it....oh, don't worry, I'm not going to do a midnight raid.

But I will ask them if they'll trade mangos for some of my fresh made basil pesto!  

And if not, no worries...it just gives me a great excuse to head on over to Pine Island where mangos are usually plentiful.  And to see all the other sights on this pretty island, like their palm tree farms as shown above.

The incredibly gorgeous blue water and blue skies.  Love the blues!

There's always fantastic bird watching and photography opportunities!

Look how picturesque this osprey nest is.  They chose such a charming site, I had to take a pic.

The happy couple.  (Although it kind of looks like she's giving him an earful! haha)

And a bonus to going to Pine Island is I get to pass through Matlacha, which is an old fishing village filled with artist shops and great little seafood places on the water.  Can't wait!


janiceflorida said...

What a beautiful post! You absolutely live in a gorgeous area of Florida. Matlacha reminds of being in The Bahamas, so colorful. I'm with you about the mangoes...there's no wrong way to use them, all good everyway.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I am not a fan of mangoes. Your photos of recipes look very good though.

Mattacha looks like a neat little place to visit.

Happy Summer enjoy mangoes ~ FlowerLady

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Janice! We sure do have a lot of jungle over here on the gulf coast and that makes for lots of lush gardens and natural areas. And I love how easy it is to get to the ocean - unlike when we lived on the other coast of FL, it is so built up it's a completely different atmosphere. Thanks for your nice comment! I will be cooking, drinking, eating and freezing mango for the next month - orange hands! :)

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Lorraine! Oh, I've never met anyone who didn't like mangoes! I completely understand though - I'm not a fan of papaya, even though I will eat it and love the color and smell and feel of it...it just doesn't do it for me taste-wise. It wouldn't be any fun if we were all the same, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan said...

I'll have a mango margarita, please (LOL). I just recently saw a photo of Mattacha and would love to see that quirky little place. Perhaps I'll make the trek down next mango season. Enjoyed your post and you enjoy your trip and mangoes.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Susan, you would love Matlacha - it has a nice, island feel, low-key, very nice people. And some wonderful places to sit and watch the dolphins jump while enjoying local seafood. And probably some mango margaritas, lol! Thanks for having a look at my post! :)

Elizabeth (*eli*) said...

I would so do a midnight raid! I used to steal mangoes as a kid roaming the streets of Miami. In fact, I think that is by far the thing I miss most about living in Miami ~ my big, beautiful mango tree at my last home (not the stealing of mangoes - you can only get away with that when you're really little). ;-)

That basil pesto looks delish . . . it's on my list of things to make ~ perhaps you'll share your recipe?

I'll have to put Pine Island on my wish list - if for no other reason than to visit the artist shops. Sounds right up my alley!