Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Pretty Mess

Our yard backs up to this huge wildlife preserve that goes for miles down into the everglades.  

It's very active and I adore all the animal and bird friends that come out of it to visit the garden.

We have to get permission from our HOA to plant just about anything major in the yard or to add additional beds or change the layout in any way.  *sigh*

So we've just left what was here when we bought the property about five years ago.  As you can see, it is plantings of gigantic proportions! 

The rubber tree sits between two gargantuan Washingtonia palms and the rubber tree appears dwarfed  -  and it's certainly not little being at least 18 feet high.  I love the pretty red color the leaf shows before it unfolds.

Crotons surround the bottom bringing balance to the tall plantings.

The previous owners stuck some Sansevieria in there as well.  

Behind the palms and rubber tree, is a chain link fence that our community put up to help keep the wild boar from coming in our yards, digging up the gardens and scaring women and children...

But if you look closely in the middle, it didn't do anything to keep the bears out.  Their weight has dragged down the fencing as they climbed over it.  Figures, they'd pick our yard to climb into!  

I've got most of the fence grown over with bougainvillea and passionflower thinking the thorny branches will help deter the bears from climbing over.  

I've also found that when the boug is in bloom, it makes a pretty backdrop for bird photos.  I put my camp chair fairly close and it's not long before the birds have gotten used to me and come in so I can get a few shots.

Well, you get the idea.  

Opposite the preserve, looking toward the house is where the real crazy begins, lol!

This is my nemesis - I LOVE the jungle look, but it is a difficult area to keep up with.  I'm out there with a machete, saw and ladder on a regular basis.  That is until rainy season begins and it's too hot and wet and then it becomes insanely overgrown until it cools down a bit.  

Although, sometimes nature will help clear it out a little.  This is storm damage from an earlier summer.

Early morning light shines through the preserve lighting up the jasmine.

All in all, being out back or sitting in the house looking out at my backyard jungle - I find it to be a lush, green and incredibly calming sanctuary that I like to call a pretty mess.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You have one pretty, peaceful, colorful mess. Very soothing! Oh my, wild boar, bears!!!

Have a nice weekend and keep enjoying your lovely bit of paradise.


C. Jeffords, 2009 said...

Looks like Paradise.

Susan said...

I don't know if I would call it a mess, but it sure is pretty and lush. It's wonderful that you back up to a preserve area and I can imagine all the wonderful bird activity. Not sure about the bears though. I love the tropical jungle look, too. Looks beautiful!!

janiceflorida said...

Absolutely beautiful, Lynn. The bird shots are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of your tropical paradise.

Janice Day said...

Lovely as usual Lynn. Your "pretty mess" as you call it has charm and creates a great atmosphere.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Gosh, thank you all so much for your very generous comments! I don't usually post big, overall shots of my garden as it is a bit unconventional - and I certainly very much appreciate all of your kind words! :)

Elizabeth (*eli*) said...

A mess? Are you kidding me? Looks like you are living in paradise! I mean really, Lynn . . . how many people can say they live next to a preserve? ~ Especially one that leads into the everglades? I can only imagine the sounds of nature you are gifted each morning and evening ~ or floating in that pool with a glass of wine and Mother Nature lulling you with her music. How sweet for you. Maybe not so much with boars and bears, but even they must be cool to see from time to time. How about snakes? Are they ever a problem?

Kate R said...

Oh goodness...I'm in love!! This is absolutely gorgeous and the view from your window is so pretty!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with bears. i do love them though..it's just that they smash everything. We have deer fencing around our back garden and it (or they!) just walk right over it. I like to feed the birds and unfortunately that is what the bear likes too, so I have to bring the feeders in every night.
Anyway, gorgeous photos..I love everything!