Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Too Hot to Garden

I took a little break from gardening over the 4th and just kept extending my break because it is so crazy hot here!  I couldn't help but notice I've got a second flush of the dwarf gardenia flowers - how delightful!  

The impatiens are still quite lush considering they're out front and get the harsh afternoon light.  They're under the date palm and the fronds hang over them a bit so at least they're getting a little shade.

I've got several pots of impatien starts crammed under the front walkway bench.  I always try to have some fresh ones growing so I can keep them going in the summer in all the shady parts of the yard.  They look so tropical and add such bright color.

A couple of years ago I tried the New Guinea Impatiens - wow, did they look gorgeous in their nursery pots!  I'm still not sure what I did wrong, but they didn't make it and I've never tried this kind again.  But they sure were pretty while they lasted.

Well, when we first moved here about five years ago, this is how the front beds looked - WOW, right?  The house had sat abandoned for a year.  Somebody mowed the grass, but left everything else.

So we yanked everything out except the palms.  That "British teeth edging" isn't my favorite, but we left it for the time being.  (And it's still there of course!)  My apologies to my English friends and anyone else for using such an unflattering cliche about the dental hygiene of the British - I'm sorry, but it did make me think of that and made me grin.  Of course, I truly don't think their teeth look like that!  

So now when I look out the front windows, we're back to having the jungle around the palm in the front bed.  I've really got to give it some shape out there.  Although I like the free-form look, it's gotten way out-of-control, even for a naturalist like me.  I'll post a "full frontal" pic later on when I get it looking sharp enough for photographing!  

We had ripped out a lot of Ti plants and I wish we would've kept them.  That was back when I really didn't care much for how they looked.

Now I think they are so pretty with the hot pink, maroon and lighter pinks against all the different colors of green.

I am such a hot pink fiend :)

And they look kind of cool with the sun shining through them too.

I'm still waiting for the hummingbirds to show up.  I faithfully change my feeder syrup every other day and I haven't seen any since I started hanging this out last fall.  They were showing up in this area, near the Ixora after being at the neighbors Firebush, so I thought this would be a good place, but I haven't had any visits that I know of.  Guess I need to plant some Firebush on this side of the yard! 


Mike C said...

WOW... Barb you have done an amazing job on your landscaping. Your flowers look just beautiful and so full of life. And i will also say that this blog explaining what you have done, and the pictures you have taken are all perfect and just beautiful as well. Really beautiful home you have Bard. And thank you so much for sharing in your joy of gardening. Hope your humming birds come back as well. I know you will take some amazing shots of them enjoying your garden.

Have a beautiful a peaceful day my friend.

janiceflorida said...

It all looks beautiful, Lynn. And, you're right, it's just too darn hot to garden. I've been doing some relaxing and just enjoying puttering about the garden in the mornings. New guineas have never worked for me either, they seem to just quit blooming when I put them in the landscape.

Janice Day said...

Quite interesting really Lynn as I am another who has had no success with New Guinea Impatiens. I find they remain lovely for a while then just fade away. Whilst you are finding it too hot to garden we are having the coldest winter in many years.

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Mike and Janice and Janice! :) It is so interesting that you've also had difficulty with the New Guinea impatiens. I thought I was doing something wrong, but just couldn't figure out what. Thank you all so much for your comments and for looking at my blog! I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get out there and do some trimming this weekend, even if it's raining, lol!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I 'want' to be out gardening, but even walking out early in the morning, it's too dang miserable. It's like being in a sauna.

You've done a lovely job with your garden bed. Very tropical and colorful.


Lynn McIntosh said...

Oh, Lorraine, I sure know what you mean by it being a sauna out there. We have yard waste pickup on Mondays, so I've got to get out there and at least collect all the palm fronds and such and it's always a big load. I can barely stand it, lol! Thanks for your nice comment!

Elizabeth (*eli*) said...

My word you have a beautiful home!

Firebush is a must have in the garden . . . it's the one thing I can always count on to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and even birds (they love the seeds).

Have a great week.


Kate R said...

Oh I loved looking through this post! Im so glad I'm not the only one to do a complete re-do of a bed. Sometimes I just look at an area and think..no it's all got to go. I feel a bit guilty yanking it all out but sometimes a fresh start is the only thing to do as everything here just grows like crazy. I also have had mediocre success with New Guineas...they start off looking lovely and then mine just get really leggy and shabby looking.