Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Painted Buntings are Back!!!

I'm so surprised to see the Painted Buntings already arriving here in southern Florida.  Last year they didn't show up in my yard until the end of September.  This guy is looking a little scrubby - maybe he had a rough flight, poor guy.  I'm happy he's found food and water in our yard.

Here's a shot from February of this year - you can see how gorgeous and sleek and healthy this guy is looking.  I hope the above bunting will be okay.  I'm waiting for his friends to join him, they're so much fun to observe, especially frolicking in the birdbath.

I'll tell you, I've been pretty much MIA in the garden for all of August and it definitely shows.  I'll have to get out the big guns to tackle the jungle this month - that would be the machete, saw and ladder.  So, I think for this post, I'll just show the pretty parts, like this beautiful blue Plumbago! :)

The Purslane is thriving thanks to the deer that have decided to give it a break...they're devouring my Passionflower instead.  But that's nothing new.

I kept cropping and recropping this Crown-of-Thorns photo, but just couldn't get it looking satisfactory - so I gave up.  Here it is, looking bright and cheery at least. 

I think the stems are cool.

I've got a rogue Lantana bloom out front.  I left it.  I welcome all strangers to my garden, especially those that attract pretty butterflies!

The orange/red Lantana out back attracted this pretty Julia butterfly.  I love his polka dot eyes.

The Myrtles have been blooming for awhile now in the neighborhood.  There's this gorgeous deep pink, there's purple ones and white as well.  I'm happy to report there have been no Crape Myrtle murders in our area! :)

Speaking of the neighbors, directly across from us, we are provided with this pretty Mexican Petunia sight every day.

I can't get enough of anything purple.

Although I like to mess around with the edit features and see what happens.  Here the infrared edit shows such wonderful detail and it almost looks like crepe paper.

I really like to use the infrared on orchids.  Yes, I know it's not REAL infrared photography, but I still like how the edit feature looks.

Here's another one from one of my Vandas.  I have a bunch more, but I'll stop as I realize it's probably an acquired taste, lol! 

I want to gush and veraciously thank one of my garden blogging friends (e) for sending me this adorable Firebush marker for my garden!  I'm waiting until October (after Hurricane season) to put it out as it would be sure to be washed away by our daily heavy downpours.  I can't wait to get it set out!

I have, however, put out my Autumnal Door Blessing a little early this year.  I was just feeling like it.  I do find it a little hard to incorporate subtropical things like palm fronds (and palm doorknockers) to reflect a fall feel.  I guess I'll have to get crafty and work on that! Happy September everybody!


janiceflorida said...

Hi Lynn, everything looks beautiful! Oh yes, I know what you mean about being MIA in the garden, me too. I'm waiting to do one BIG clean up when we get a cooler day. I've never seen a Painted Bunting around here, maybe we're too far north, darnit. The butterfly with the polka dot eyes is just too cute. Thanks for sharing...have a good weekend.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I've not seen a painted bunting either. They are beautiful!

You have some pretty blooms in spite of the heat and humidity.

I am so ready for cooler weather.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Kate R said...

Hi Lynn! I love your posts so much! 😊. You have such a gift with the camera! I'm so jealous that you get the Painted Buntings, I guess they are more of a southern bird, although when I have gone into Wild Birds Unlimited they have pictures of them up and have told me that they are around. Perhaps I am too wooded? I love to feed and watch all the birds we do get, although I think I feed more squirrels, raccoons and bears more than I do birds 😳. It really has been a long hot and wet summer hasn't it so I am with you in not being able to get more done outside. It's always a bit of hiatus at this time of the year, but you still have some lovely color in your garden. I have just arrived in London for 10 days, so I am enjoying much cooler weather over here. Hope to visit one or two gardens for inspiration and photos.
Loved the visit and have a lovely week!

Kate R

Susan said...

How exciting to have Painted Buntings in the garden. I wish one would stop by my garden on his way south! I do like that you have already put your autumn wreath on the front door. That shows optimism on your part and after all, it's only a couple more weeks until the humidity begins to lessens its grip on us. As far as the garden goes, I do believe that all of our gardens look a bit needy after the months of July and August. That's just part of living in Florida. I filled up 2 garbage cans last week and was amazed at how much better everything looked.

Elizabeth said...

Seeing a painted bunting in my garden would be like hitting the lottery. Are you close to the coast? I read somewhere they tend to stay within a few miles of the coastline. Of course, I've also read where they've been spotted here in Polk county. I read a lot of crap though. Some of it I even pay for (last couple of hardcover novels). :-)

Beautiful photos ~ as always.