Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Migration is in Full Swing!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Autumnal Equinox here in the northern hemisphere!  And a very Happy Vernal Equinox to my friends in the southern hemisphere!  I'm, as usual, a little late in getting my post out, but I think the Equinox extends into the next day or so...something like that.  

Above is some lovely red leaves from a vine I found out in the preserve.  It's about the only obvious fall color I've found.  We do get quite a bit of subtle changes down here in the swamp and I try to document with photos as that goes along.

I'm so darn excited to have a new bird visitor to the yard.  This is an Ovenbird.  Some are here for the winter or he may move on to the Caribbean.  I haven't done all my research on him yet, but I got a positive ID from some Florida birding friends on Facebook.  Otherwise, these confusing warbler types really strain my brain trying to figure out which one they are.  The pink legs really help with this identification.

Now, I think this is a Yellow Rumped Warbler also known as good ole Butter Butt.  

And I think this is a Palm Warbler.  BUT - as I find the Warbler family to be so similar, I am never positive with my ID.  I should really join up with a birding group down here and get a bit more practice!

I am however, quite sure this is a Yellow Throated Warbler.

And this is a Black and White Warbler.  (not exactly a tough one to ID on those last two, haha)

This isn't a very good shot, but I did get what I believe is a Blue Headed Vireo come through the yard.

Another noisy shot, but what a cute Eastern Phoebe to arrive.

This guy showed up last year and I still don't know what kind of sparrow he is.  I didn't get a lot of pics of him so I'm tentatively ID'ing him as a Field Sparrow until somebody can tell me.  And I might not have enough photos to show all the aspects that is needed to get an identification.  Oh, well - I try!

And as always, the Holy Grail is when the Painted Buntings and Indigo Buntings arrive!  I love all the birds that visit, but I can't help getting a little excited when these beauties show up.

So I went ahead and put out the very heavy birdbath before the end of the hurricane season, which I usually don't do because it could become a flying missile.  We live less than five miles from the coast, so we would get a big hit if one came in.  But because the Painted Bunting arrived so early this year, I put it back out as they love it so much.  

If Florida gets a hurricane - yes, it will be my fault... aaargh!

All kidding aside, I love watching the buntings frolic in the birdbath.  

I had a few weeks lately where I went walkabout from the computer.  Needed a social media break I guess.  Hopefully, there will be more new birds going through the yard during migration in the next few weeks - always fun to watch for!  I'll keep you updated.


janiceflorida said...

Hi Lynn, love your bird post! They are all gorgeous, but the little Eastern Phoebe is my favorite...it's just so darn round and cute. Beautiful photos.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my ~ you have some wonderful bird visitors. What a treat!

Your photos are great ~ Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Janice! Hi Lorraine! Thanks so much! I always appreciate you both stopping by and having a look - and always love your comments! I think the Phoebe is a cutie too! I'm certainly out-of-practice with the camera lately, so I'm hoping to get out more this fall and get reacquainted, lol!

Kate R said...

Hi Lynn! Oh my goodness! I have so enjoyed this post and seeing all these beautiful birds! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm amazed at the range of different birds that you get down there...so lucky! I love all the little feathered visitors I get but they are nowhere near as exciting as yours. Your photography is incredible! I don't know how you manage to get such wonderful photos..I think you must have professional,training!
Look forward to seeing more and I love all your Instagram pics too! You have such a great sense of humor!

Kate R

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Kate! Thank you for your very generous compliments! I try to keep a sense of humor, it seems there's so much ugliness in the world lately that I enjoy the escape of joining in with like-minded gardening/wildlife friends on-line and forgetting about the crazy news that happens. I enjoy your photos too and seeing your incredibly lovely property! I get a little off-topic from gardening on IG, lol, but I have a lot of Tibetan Terrier friends on there and I have to keep their interest with a few dog posts now and again, haha! Glad I found you there - your gallery is beautiful!

Susan said...

What a great selection of birds! How lucky you are to back up to a "wild" area. I wonder if you see lightning bugs at night? I am happy to see my feathered friends beginning to return, too. They are such a wonderful addition to the garden and I have lots of food waiting for them.