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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tribute to Ozzie the Eagle

People from all over have watched the southwest Florida eagle cam with the famous pair Ozzie and Harriet, for years now.  

I'm so sad to learn of Ozzie's passing on September 30th of this year.  

When Ozzie was injured and in rehab earlier this year, a younger male started hanging around Harriet and she apparently didn't chase him away.

Well, Ozzie came back and tried for his rightful spot (maybe according to the laws of the jungle, it wasn't his spot anymore?) - well, he and the interloper, as I like to call him, duked it out and Ozzie was found injured and then succumbed to a blood infection.

You can read more about it online....it's just so sad.  

Here is a shot of their nest.  You can see the cams strapped to the tree.  

This is the huge tree their nest is in.  You can see it about a quarter of the way down from the top.

Oh, Ozzie - you will be missed.   

I have a very hard time with sad stories, so I thought I'd try and end this post with a little bit of Happy.

Around the area of their eagle nest, they have horses.  Lots of beautiful horses.  This guy was the sweetest, most gentle soul.  He reminded me of my dog Flash.  He'd stick his snoz in my neck and hair and I fell in love at first sight.  He even took a carrot from the palm of my hand with the most utter care and softness.  

Now this guy, what a gorgeous black beauty!  His personality was much different from the above horse.  Let's just say his motor ran high and he was zooming around the pasture most of the time.  His carrot receiving abilities were rather roguish and a little bit rough.  Luckily I ran out of carrots after that, lol. 

How nice of these three to line up so perfectly for a parting shot.  So I'll say ta ta or toodles or whatever until next time....I hope you don't mind seeing a horse hiney, their colors are incredibly pretty!


janiceflorida said...

Hi Lynn. Yes, poor Ozzie...don't know quite how I feel about Harriet now. Those are some beautiful horses though.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Poor Ozzie!

Loved the horses, they are such magnificent creatures.

Have a GREAT week ~ FlowerLady

Kate R said...

Oh Lynn this is just such a sad story. I can't bear to think of poor Ozzie coming out of "hospital" only to find his wife had fallen for someone else...he didn't deserve it!! I did love the horses though. We had ponies and horses for many years as my daughter rode. I really miss being around them. You are right to point out how different they can be in terms of character. Some sweet and gentle and others can be real firecrackers. Although it was sad, I really do enjoy your stories! You write so well! ❤️


debsgarden said...

Sad story about Ozzie. I followed the eagles at Berry college in Georgia through their eagle cam. It was fascinating! I love the horse honey pic!

Elizabeth said...

Your beautiful photography actually makes a sad story even more sad.

You know what I immediately thought of when I saw your very last shot? The Three Amigos. LOL . . . such amazing creatures (the horses, not The Three Amigos - stupidest movie I ever saw). I love just watching them in fields ~ majestic to me.

Susan said...

So sad about Ozzie! I guess it's true that in nature only the strong survive. Love the horse story though. They are 3 beauties!