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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fossilized Sharks Tooth

"I'm so excited" exclaimed the frustrated armchair archaeologist (that would be me).  Just look at this beautiful fossil I found in my backyard!

I'm, of course, no expert - but from what I can tell this is an extinct Mako shark tooth.  Isurus hastalis.  There's no serrated edges, so it's not a Great White or a Megalodon.  Anyway, I've been trying to read up on it and have gotten some conflicting info on when it existed.  I've read from the Eocene to the Pleistocene epochs.  And then I've read from the Miocene to the Pliocene.  So, I've got more research to do, but either way it's 58 - 3 million years old.  Wow!  

It was the first day we met the realtor here and as soon as we went in the backyard, I looked down and there it was in the sand.  I've been looking all over ever since and haven't found any more.  I like to think this was a gift from nature to welcome me to our new place.

It's just shy of two inches long.  I'm planning to wire it up for a necklace.  I'll post a pic when it's ready for its debut.

Florida truly is a fossil wonderland.  They've pulled some funky animal fossils out of here.  For example, an antelope with three horns sticking straight out above each eye.  And a ferocious looking huge bear/dog thing.  Lots of nightmare-inducing reading :)  

Anyway, if you believe I'm wrong on the ID, please let me know - thanks much!  

Also, it you find any vertebrate fossils other than a shark tooth and it was found on state lands, it should be reported.  (You really need a permit)  And no collecting is allowed inside of national and state parks or any wildlife refuge.  Finding stuff on private lands is different.  Honestly, I'd read all the fossil collecting info directly from the Dept of Environmental Protection site, just to know what you can do and the difference between fossils and artifacts, etc. Okay, I'm done yammering on now :)

I also found this plastic toy snake in the backyard.  I'd say she's probably 1-3 years old, haha.  I've decided to keep her and I've named her Violetta.  She can hang out with the fruit bat.  He doesn't have a name - well, maybe he can be called Fruity or something... he really doesn't look particularly all that bright.

I found these Beauty Berries in the woods right next to the house.  They're green right now, but will ripen to a gorgeous purple color in September and October.

Then they'll look like this.  Yay!

I also found some Muscadine grapes in the woods.  Not sure what species, but somebody liked them as the next day the dark grapes were gone.  I wonder who got them?  Birds? Raccoons?  Opossums?  Deer?  Coyote?  Maybe I'll catch them if I get up early enough.  

Wishing you "Happy Trails" until we meet again!  


mrwillard said...

new digs look very peaceful

daisy gurl said...

What a great place to explore!

I'd love for you to share this wonderful outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a great find, and definitely a 'housewarming' gift.

Violetta is cute, glad she's fake.

You are settling into your new surroundings and I look forward to seeing more.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Janice said...

Hi Lynn! I'm excited you found something so cool! I'll be waiting to hear exactly what you think it is when you complete your research. Meanwhile, enjoy those peaceful looking woods. _Janice

Susan said...

What an awesome find! Maybe you'll find more when you start planting. Pretty pink snake, too! LOL

Elite said...

The shark tooth is such an interesting find - you just never know when you can discover when you dig .

Kate R said...

Wow Lynn that is such an amazing find...it's huge! Glad you have been getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Always love your posts so I'm glad you are continuing
- xx